Rubber Powder


for floors and asphalt

Recycled Rubber Asphalt

Ecological asphalt, or ecovia as it is also known, is made by incorporating ground rubber from tires into petroleum asphalt concrete (CAP) heated in specific reactors.

This procedure alters some physical-chemical characteristics of the asphalt, giving rise to a high performance product, with high viscosity, providing a more malleable asphalt and at the same time offering a more effective friction response. In other words, it absorbs impacts better and vehicles have more grip on the track, resulting in better performance and fuel economy.


This product is generally applied on highways, highways and avenues with a high traffic flow. The performance of the material also allows for special applications, such as in racing tracks, sports courts, flagstone floors and pavers, sidewalks and other finishes.

Inbbor Indústria de Borracha Reciclada produces rubber in various sizes, including mesh 30, which is generally used for this purpose.



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